Benefits of a Notary Public to Local Businesses

A notary public is undoubtedly an asset for local businesses. Their services are pivotal to a range of businesses in an area, ranging from real estate agencies to law firms. These are the businesses that deal with sensitive’ documentation, for instance, contracts and government documents. Let’s delve into how the services of a notary come in handy for local businesses.

Protecting interests

Most of the times, the people we do business with are honest and will keep their part of the agreement. Sometimes, some people will even honor verbal agreements. Partnerships go sour sometimes, whether accidentally or intentionally. This is when you should be thankful that you used the services of a notary. You are most likely to end up going to court. Your notary had probably prepared documents that spelled out the terms and conditions as agreed with the partner with whom you are now in conflict. This will go a long way in protecting your interests.

The jury will look at the different types and the content of the evidence provided by the two parties. A valid notary seal could be the only difference between identical documents. You are more likely to win the case if your document is notarized. This is because the notary public has been authorized by the state or any other governing body to verify the identity of the people entering an agreement. They have to also witness the signing of the agreement. The notary acts an impartial witness (officially recognized).

Ease of entry of contract

The services of a notary make it easier to enter contracts. The notary will ensure that the signatures on legal documents are authentic, which saves your business from legal implications. Note that the notary is only accountable for the authenticity of the signatures and not for the content of the documents.

Facilitating Business

A notary public facilitates business, lowering the risks. He helps to prevent fraud, he can help in collections and his services are affordable. New business arrangements have an element of a higher risk. A notary protects you against a breach of contract. With your security concerns sorted, you can concentrate on building your business.

Requirement by law

Sometimes, you cannot complete some types of businesses without a notary. This happens where the business involves the state or government, and depends on where you live. Some of the transactions include selling a house or real estate property registered with the state, transferring the financial power of attorney, and selling a car. The types of transactions that require a notary will vary from state to state. Sometimes, the services of a notary are recommended (not necessarily required) to make a transaction durable, sense.

Impartiality and prevention of manipulation of people and circumstances

A notary public ensures that the person signing the documents does not do so under any threats. A notary cannot oversee the signature of a document in which they have an interest. He is supposed to be impartial. The two parties must be confident that their documents are being handled by a neutral party, who is not biased. If the notary shows any favoritism towards any parties, he may be held liable for malpractice.

All in All

The services of a notary public come in handy for local businesses, especially when entering contracts or dealing with government documents. He is the unbiased third party who makes documents and transactions durable in a legal sense.

Photoluminescent Exit Sign Technology

One of the most exciting developments in illuminated exit sign technology in recent years is the incorporation of photoluminescent technology.

The first illuminated exit signs used traditional incandescent light bulbs to light the exit signs. At first, these bulbs were placed near the exit sign placard. While this made sense during normal conditions, visibility was limited during smoky fires. Eventually, the bulbs were put inside the signs themselves, which increased visibility. However, both of these set-ups ran into the same difficulties as all varieties of illuminated exit signs that rely on external power sources: namely, that the power in buildings often fails during a fire. It wasn’t until dual-power systems with battery backups were invented that illuminated exit signs relying on powered light bulbs were feasible.

A few alternatives that are less reliant on power have been developed. The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has written a useful guide to “self-illuminating” sign technology, meaning exit sign technology that does not rely on external power to stay illuminated during emergencies.

One popular self-illuminating option is radioluminescence. Radioluminescent light sources rely on tritium, a radioactive substance which decays and emits beta particles which excite and illuminate specially-coated tubes.

Photoluminescent exit signs are another popular choice. According to the FEMA article, “Photoluminescent signs use crystals of strontium aluminate embedded in plastic as the ‘power source.’ These crystals absorb ambient light during normal operations and then release this stored energy to glow brightly when the lights go out.” What this means is that, for buildings which are consistently lighted – such as airports, hotels, factories, and many more – illuminated exit signs powered by photoluminescence don’t require anything to stay illuminated during an emergency other than normal light usage.

The International Code Council (ICC) has a specific set of rules in place to ensure that all exit signs using photoluminescent technology are IBC compliant exit signs. On our site, we’ve included a checklist of useful tips for setting up photoluminescent exit signs. In short, potential users of photoluminescent exit signs should make sure that the signs are going to be located at least partially indoors and within 6-10 feet of a charging light source that is on whenever the building is occupied. This is in line with FEMA’s guidelines, which states that photoluminescent signs are not permitted to be used in spaces without proper lighting – for example, they are not suitable for use in movie theaters or darkened areas of night clubs.

In some kinds of buildings, then, it may be impossible to ensure that photoluminescent technology can conform to the rules set by the ICC for IBC Section 1011 exit signs. However, for many situations, photoluminescent technology can be an effective and cost-efficient choice. The FEMA guide outlines practices for checking whether or not your building is delivering enough light to make photoluminescent exit signs worth your while, and it is always important to check with your local authorities in charge of fire inspection and building code enforcement.


How to find business partnership for long run

Sometimes business expansion comes with a lot of hustle which people need to be ready to face it. It could be due to lack of enough capital, limited time or looking for someone who has experience in your business sector, partnership needs to be selected appropriately especially if it is for long run.

#1. Ensure that you trust the person for your business growth.

When looking for a partner, one thing you should have in mind is if the person is worth partnering with. It is good to find a person you can trust, a person who have the managerial skills to handle business matters with transparency and accountability even in your absence. It is good to work together with the person first to ensure that you learn some few things about him or her before entering into a partnership.

#2. Share the goals of the business.

It is through the goals of the business that business partners bond to each. The goals are the base point of all the strategies and they manipulate the mind of the business owners to think in the same direction. Business partnership is meant to combine efforts to accelerate the process of achieving the business goals therefore its very vital for all the business partners to have the goals in mind.

#3. Find the talents that you don’t have, supplementary ones.

It is all about finding what you can do to prosper in life of business. Maybe you see that a person has a certain skills that would be of importance to the business. If you make him or her your partner, it becomes good for your business. The good thing about this is that you both need each other to make a living by combining your skills so the partnership might be long term.


3 business and marketing experts that you should follow

There are success business icons that keep on updating major and mandatory business strategies daily on social media. People can follow them to ensure that they learn a thing or two because mostly, their strategies targets young people who want to become success like them.

#1. Amy Africa


This is the business professional that has assisted many entrepreneurs who follow her on social media and his her business platforms. She started web design since 1990s and since them, she has been perfecting her skills through the real business challenges that she faces in the market. She is the CEO of Eight by Eight company and as if that is not enough, large world business stakeholders like Dell, Hp and Microsoft office have been crying for her services.

#2. Tim Ash


Worked with Google and Yahoo for years before taking her own route in the business sector to become her own boss. Known for being an expert on the conversion rate optimization (CRO) has led her to be a powerful speaker in the major business events and shows like the Search marketing expo. This is a person who runs many sites and through this experience, all the business tips are within her brilliant mind which makes her a big source for business ideas to young entrepreneurs. All the people who follow her are successful in a way because she makes people deal with reality on the ground and come up with perfect businesses.

#3. Belle Beth Cooper


This is for those who are willing to become online business people. She has all the skills to do with blogging and online marketing and make people become successful through her business oriented ideas. She used to work for the buffer as a blog poster. She also publishes on the Huffington post which is major platform where people visit to check for various things.


The 4 best business blogs of 2016

In 2016, there are blogs that have been of help to many entrepreneurs from across the world. This is because these blogs are enriched with business helping tips to enable people solve all their business issues.

#.1. Chris Brogan’s Blog


Chris has worn many awards because of his profound business ideas that people have real liked. He has an extensive and diverse knowledge in all business sectors due to his broad networking with powerful and successful business people from across the blog. This has enabled him to have a mind that is impregnated with business ideas thus writing the perfect business content that people abide to.

#2. Smart Passive Income


This is another blog that has all the managerial skills for any business that a person runs. This blog contains all the perfect information which is written from the real success and failure of several business. All the possible loopholes for business failure are discussed making the readers to be well enlightened and equipped to handle business.

#3. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog


Started in 2010, the blog has all the vital information to equip young entrepreneurs with the perfect skills to deal with any business issues. To enhance the understanding of his Audience, he include videos in the blog thus many people get assisted quickly.

#4. Entrepreneur on Fire


This is a blog that is written to help entrepreneurs understand the best strategies in making business decisions. It is a blog that assist entrepreneurs to manage expenditures and revenues so that they don’t fail in business. The owner is one of the success business Icons.